Patrick lives at 120 Conch Street Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean. He lives under a rock, two doors down from Spongebob. In between him and Spongebob lives their other friend Squidward Tentacles. Spongebob and Patrick never get the hint that Squidward hates both of them. Patrick also lives about 400-yards away from the Krusty Krab which is his favorite restaurant of all time, but he never knows what exactly to order there. He is always confused about what kind of food they serve. The other reason he loves going there is because all his friends work there like Spongebob, Squidward, and Mr.Eugene Krabs is the owner. In a couple episodes, it shows Patrick sleeping on the ceiling of his rock but most of the time he has a bed. It is different as to what is underneath his rock in every episode. Sometimes it is just one room with a bed and a dresser, other times there is a full living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. It just depends on what the episode is about.
Patrick has many relatives. Herb Star(father), Margie Star(mother), Ed(cousin), Gary the Snail(cousin), Sluggo(uncle), Billy Bob(grandfather), Maw Titter(grandmother), Shriek(great-grandfather), Princess Tulsa(great-grandmother), Prince Callows(great uncle), Carl(great uncle), Prince Dingus(great uncle), King Amoeba(great great grandfather), Queen Mildew(great great grandmother), Patrick Revere(ancestor), and Pecos Patrick(ancestor). In one episode, Patrick's parents were coming to town and it turned out that the people who came weren't his parents. It took him the entire episode to figure out they were not his parents. Their names were Marty and Janet. Patrick has a couple very close friends besides Spongebob including Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, Flatts the Flounder, Princess Mindy, Gary the Snail, and Mr.Krabs. Patrick Star is my favorite character of this amazing show, and I love him!